The Health Benefits Of Walking

Walking is an underrated form of cardio. Most people don´t even consider walking “real” cardio because it doesn´t elevate your heart rate like jogging does. Or because almost everyone does it naturally every day without thinking of it as exercise. Continue reading “The Health Benefits Of Walking”

Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying

I spend a lot of time reading books, e-books, blogs, listening to audio books and watching animated book summaries on YouTube. I´m like a sponge – soaked with knowledge and always learning.

To get familiar with a lot of world views is essential for the successful superhero. Not everyone will share your believes about success and life in general. It is important Continue reading “Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying”

Why “Superfoods” Are A Waste Of Money And What To Eat For Superhero-Strength

Take a random magazine and take a look at their lifestyle-section. I bet you will find something like this:

Try this superfood for health!

This thousand year old superfood from south America Continue reading “Why “Superfoods” Are A Waste Of Money And What To Eat For Superhero-Strength”

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Yesterday I had to use the subway during rush hour. I was lucky and found a seat next to a man who looked like he was onehundredandsixtyfour years old. Nobody else wanted to sit next to him because he was smelling like alcohol. Continue reading “You Are Your Own Worst Enemy”