Spartan Lifestyle: Fitness And Diet

Spartan warriors had to be in peak physical condition at all times. They were warriors for a lifetime, always ready to fight for their country.

And they had to accomplish this goal without fancy supplements, steroids or weight lifting equipment. The Spartan warrior´s strength needed to be functional so they could carry heavy equipment for a long time. Continue reading “Spartan Lifestyle: Fitness And Diet”

Spartan Lifestyle: Minimalism

When you hear about the Spartan lifestyle the first aspect you will think about is the infamous minimalism. In our modern society that focuses heavily on consuming a minimalist lifestyle sounds strange, maybe even crazy.

That is because Continue reading “Spartan Lifestyle: Minimalism”

Spartan Lifestyle: Mindset

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Those are Buddha´s wise words and they are more than true if you want to develop the mindset of a Spartan warrior. While discipline is important it´s the mindset that will ultimately lead you to your goal. It´s the mindset that allows you to even start your journey.

The Spartan army was feared by its enemies because every single soldier knew in his heart and soul that he would not only win the fight but the whole war. There was not the shadow of a doubt in his heart.

Imagine an army of Spartan soldiers with unbreakable willpower convinced they would win. Do you think there is a high chance they´d lose? No, of course not!

If you can convince yourself that you will succeed you will. Because your subconscious mind starts working on solutions to problems you will face during your journey to success.

If you think from the start that you may not be able to make it, guess what? Your subconscious mind will not work in your favor. It will tell you again and again that you can not reach your goal because you fed it this believe.

You can control your thoughts and your own mind only. But once you mastered this skill you will become invincible. The right mindset is all it takes to reach your goals as long as they are specific.

Wishing to become rich is a very unspecific goal, wishing to up your net worth to 1 Million USD within five years is specific.

Wishing to be lean is unspecific, wishing to lose 30 pounds in two months by working out 5 days a week and eating a low carb diet is specific. You get my point, future superhero.

Once you picked your specific goal start alternating your mindset by creating a mantra. A mantra is a sentence you repeat over and over to yourself until you believe it with all your heart. Your mantra can be about an unspecific goal as long as you defined the specific goal behind it.

Example: I use the mantra “I will be rich and successful because I am a born winner.”

This mantra is powerful but it does not contain a specific, measurable goal. It is only meant to motivate myself and get the winner-mentality into my head. It is my go-to mantra but behind the unspecific words are clearly defined goals.

Let´s take a look at the buzzwords my mantra contains.

Rich: I will be a millionaire five years from now (I have planned out the path to riches so this goal is backed up by specific steps I need to take to reach it).

Successful: I will have published six e-books, founded my own business and developed my own brand by the time I turn 30 (this goal contains smaller goals along the way but I will not disclose them all).

Born winner: Winning is easy for me. Failure isn´t an option because it goes against my natural instincts (this is the winner-mentality that makes me a superhero).

As you can see, fellow superhero, my mantra may not be helpful on its own. But once I planned out the steps behind every buzzword it became a powerful tool on my journey to success. Those plans behind the mantra are called affirmations.

I clearly defined what “rich” and “successful” mean to me. Those are my goals and because I put myself in a position where winning is the only option I won´t be tempted to quit. Superheroes don´t quit and I am a superhero in my own mind.

My own mind is all that counts for me. I can not control what others think about me but I have full control over what I think about myself. Don´t let this potential go to waste!

Use “I will”, “I am” and “I can” in your mantra.

“I avoid sugary foods because I am a health nut” is better than “I will not eat sugary foods because I don´t live an unhealthy lifestyle”. The second mantra contains the wrong buzzwords. “Eat” and “sugary foods” go together in the second sentence, as well as “unhealthy lifestyle”. Your subconscious mind will pick up those buzzwords and make them reality.

The first mantra is better because “avoid” goes with “sugary foods”. Labeling yourself a “health nut” in your mind will naturally lead to healthier decisions.

Repeat your mantra as often as possible but at least three times a day. Your affirmations should be practiced at least once a day. Talking out loud and writing them down works best but if you are shy you can just repeat them over and over in your head. If you already have a great team ask them to tell you the mantra every time you meet.

It doesn´t matter if you don´t believe your mantra at first. Society taught you do downplay your skills so others don´t perceive you as narcissistic or self-centered. To become successful you will need to overcome this influence.

Repeat your mantra daily for a few weeks and you will notice the change in mindset. Tell yourself that you are the greatest long enough and you will start to believe it. That´s just how the human mind works and you, fellow superhero, can gain control over it.

Hopefully, you gained some insights on how the right mindset sets you up for success. Because your mind and your believes are powerful weapons when fighting the enemy´s army. The Spartans mastered the art of affirmations to achieve great victories.

Stay strong, fellow superhero! Remember to never quit and always keep fighting!

Spartan Lifestyle: Develop Discipline

Discipline means you gain control of your actions enforcing obedience to your thoughts. Your conscious mind should take the lead instead of emotions in order to gain self-control. Discipline is the main reason for success. Working towards a long term goal for years requires a superhuman willpower. Continue reading “Spartan Lifestyle: Develop Discipline”

Live A Spartan Life

The Spartans were the superheroes of their time. Warriors with bodies like steel and an unbreakable will. Today we remember the Spartans for their simplistic lifestyle. The distraction-free environment could have been the reason for their success. Continue reading “Live A Spartan Life”