Sugar Free June: Day Eightteen

I haven´t updated in a week because there is really nothing new going on. I have come into a routine of abstaining from sweets (even though the cravings sometimes hit me HARD).

It becomes easier, though. Some of my friends started calling me a health nut because I refused going out for ice cream with them. I´m really glad when this challenge is over.

The best way to fight cravings is still drinking lots of water and going for long walks to let my mind wander. If I ever find a better way I will let you know.

Sugar Free June: Day Eleven

More than one third of the challenge is over!

I started my bulk today and I already know that getting my calories without some ice cream after dinner will become a little bit harder.

I upped my carb-intake and immediately felt bloated. However, I felt better during my workout today.

And I noticed that distraction is the absolute best way to deal with heavy sugar cravings. I don´t think about my favorite donuts while I write or watch a superhero-movie.

It´s hot and humid outside, again, causing some headaches. And I can´t stop drinking water. I feel constantly dehydrated because I am sweating so much.

The challenge is getting harder but I hope the next week will be not so bad.

Sugar Free June: Day Eight

Oh, wow, it´s already Day Eight!

I started the day with a lot of meat to keep me full for a longer time. My second meal was pasta before I went to see Deadpool 2 (great movie 10/10).

I found myself craving less and less sweets. I haven´t tasted anything sweet in over a week and I´m not insane, yet. I expected this challenge to be much harder.

Today I even declined Haribo (my favorite sweets) without hesitation. Not eating sugar slowly becomes a no-brainer. I really hope this trent continues for the next 22 days.

Stay strong, fellow superheroes! You can find all updates about the Sugar Free June challenge here.

Sugar Free June: Day Six

I did not post an update yesterday because there just wasn´t anything to write about. I had two low carb meals, went to the gym and did not stumble into any difficulties.

Today, though, I suffered from some serious cravings.

A medical exam required to not eat anything during the day and around 2 PM I became hangry. I had a big meal around 5 PM. I even ate bread today (no white bread, though)! Plus a lot of eggs and meat and greens.

Because of the medical exam I did not exercise today but I will be at the gym again tomorrow!

I expected to miss diet softdrinks a lot more than I actually do. Before the start of the challenge I drank about to glasses of diet coke a day but cutting it out is easy so far.

A nice extra: My stomach feels very tight today and I look leaner in the mirror. I plan on starting a bulk in July so getting rid of the last layer of fat doesn´t hurt.

Sugar Free June: Day Four

Hey there!

After my slip up yesterday I started my day a little bit discouraged but after a great workout at the gym that feeling started to fade. Working out is my miracle cure for every mental problem I faced during the last months.

I wasn´t getting hungry until around 11:30 AM and again at around 5 PM. I ate zero carbs today, only eggs, meat and fish, always staying in a caloric deficit.

When I saw someone eating an apple at the subway in the early afternoon I started craving apples for the first time in my life. I don´t even like apples. I prefer berries and bananas but for a few minutes I couldn´t imagine a better treat than an apple.

So far I logged 15.100 steps today but I need to make a trip to the supermarket later. I wonder if my caloric deficit might be too large. Maybe I will need to add some carbs to my diet and go up with the calories.

The forth day is over, I am feeling great today and can´t wait for tomorrow! You can read the other articles here.